Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hard times in FW

Sorry for the late update but it has been a really busy week.
On FW I sorta got burned out, given that I lost 200M ISK on ships while not getting a single kill... True on my KB I got two kills but they weren't actual solo PvP kills as they were kills on targets on which I inflicted but someone else killed a bit after.
So I didn't really feel the urge to log in, loose money and get my ship exploded.
Naturally I have become more and more careless and lost my pod 3 times... Those were the most expensive losses.

On my main (Butcher Hentes) I trained into T2 rockets and LML, now training weapon upgrades lvl5 to make fitting easier. Wanna learn hybrid weapon skills next! Not giving up on FW! :)

On my second account I've got a invention alt (that I still haven't written about) and my secondary main which is getting trained into capitals! No idea if I'll get there but would be cool to fly an Archon. First want to train her into an Orca. Might eventually become useful!

Just a few words on my training!

Definitely want to write about the industry changes/blogs! tl dr: Horrible S***!

Heads up: Each first week of a new month is a nightmare at work... I won't go into details but I don't really get to log in much during the first week. But have the weekend to maybe squeeze some gametime :)

Fly on!

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