Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lucky Loot!

Just a quick post!

I've had enough of FW for a while. So I quit Minnie Mill and clone jumped to my Tengu. I set course to Dodixie. After 4 jumps I came across an unlooted yellow wreck 56km from the gate. I decided to slowboat!

I choose to risk going flashy yellow, so I docked up, emptied my cargohold and warped back to the wreck which I previously bookmarked.

I had to make two runs!

Didn't want to stay on grid long (even though the gate was very quite) with a yellow timer, so I had to leave the Geckos, hence the two runs :)

60MM for 5mins! Beat that ISK/hour... :)

Take chances and get rewarded! (Maybe don't risk your 1bn Tengu very often though!)

Fly on!

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