Saturday, May 24, 2014

I'm not a good person

tldr: I was previously in Gall Mil, but because Minmatar is T4 I joined them instead for the money! Even worse, I shot down one of my militia mates!

I needed to start a few research jobs in my POS using Butcher Hentes, so I quite Gall Mil, rejoined my own corp and set up the jobs (have to write my business post!). After my little wormhole adventure (check out the post) I decided to join the Minmatar Militia because they are T4 and can make more ISK!

I got off to a rocky start. Trying to find a novice plex wasn't easy and couldn't really find good fights and sort of got bored of always flying my Condor.

I wanted to wait for T2 Blasters before using a Merlin, but I couldn't wait. I should have! Then the second Merlin was even worse! Ship and pod on the Hek undock... Spammed dock instead of warping off to a distant planet! Bad sh*t!

I had enough of Merlins and had a Tristan in my hangar so I quickly made a fail fit and headed out! Eager to plex and make some LP! I always open the FW window and order the systems by distance and set my destination to the first offensive contested system :)

Finally found a novice plex in Kamela and started orbiting the plex beacon at 500m. (Brawl fit Tristan is what I was going for). After 5 mins a Firetail shows up. I don't bail. He comes into the plex and starts orbiting me at +30km. He is flashing red, so I lock and send drones to engage. Drones are chipping away at him slowly. He then suddenly decides to MWD at me and scram and shoot. I scram/web and overheat my armor repair like crazy! I'm at around 50% structure when he pops! "OMG! Faction frigate kill! Whooot!"

Local lights up:
Firetail pilot (FP): "Dude wtf?"
Me: "Skill mate!"
FP: "Man, im in your militia! I'm flashy. I know. Fix your overview!"
Me: "FFS!"
Other Amar pilot: "Awoxer with Skill! :)

I quickly log my second main and transfer him 17MM with an apology.
Lame by me :( I don't want to mess with OV settings. But I do have a Militia column, which I didn't play attention to... He didn't respond to my ISK transfer. So I guess we are all cool! :)

Life goes on! I rep up my damage and don't bail from the plex. There is minimal heat damage, but nothing extra... 2 minutes pass and a Condor shows up on short scan! "Oh I really hope I catch him!" He warps in, I scram and blap! Scrammed Condor = Dead Condor! The plex is captured soon after and I head on!

I find another plex and capture it without conflict. I call it a day and start heading home when I jump into a system with 2 hostiles on the gate! One is a Jaguar and I'm not sure if I can warp away in time. So I start burning back to gate... He thinks ahead and crosses the gate so he can catch me on the other side! His mate is left on the gate. "Dude, its only an Atron. It's in scram range. Don't jump just blap him!" And that's how it went! The Jaguar jumped back just after I killed the Atron, but I was able to warp off before he could point me.

Three kills in one night! Even though, the Firetail kill was technically an awox... He still did everything to not loose his ship! He wanted to kill me instead of convoing me, or bailing... So, I'm very proud of that kill! :)

I made a decent amount of LP and cashed out 78K as best as I could... Didn't sell the item yet (some weird implant), still need to contract it to my Jita alt.

I did manage to loose that hero Tristan two days later! Things started going south again, but that's for my next post!

Fly on!

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