Thursday, May 29, 2014

No Gain, No Time!

My plan was to publish a new post every two days. But things got in the way again!

I am currently at home studying like a mad man (actually procrastinating mostly) for a financial qualification exam... Hopefully it will benefit my career and whatnot... currently all the benefit I got from it is the joy of having a bunch of money removed from my bank account...

On to EVE:
I haven't played much, but have been watching a few streams! SirSqueebles and Hershman the most. Today I watched a bit a CODE dude flying in a fleet ganking +1Bn freighters.
Squeebles is very cool! He hit 4k viewers and bought a Dred so that people can shoot at it... He messed up a bit, and got stranded at his 2nd mid cyno. PL being loving guys, they hot dropped using a spy :) The fleet was open invitation. A Proteus joined the fleet, warped to the cloaked Dred, lit a cyno and like +10 supercaps (including a Revenant!?!?!) showed up and blapped him. Just gotta love the EVE community!

ISK wise I'm actually doing pretty well! Haven't update jEVEassets in like 2 months... so was a bit scared when I updated the API key and looked at the "tracker" graph! I was pretty lazy on my regional trading, but I still made good ISK! My worth is a bit less than 18Bn! Do you really need more ISK than that? Sure, if you want an SC you need a lot more, but even for a Dred or Cap this money is more than enough. I just want to plex my two accounts and have money for what I need. Don't want to "waste" all my EVE time updating orders sitting in station, when there are much coolers things to do!

PC stuff:
My PC crashes all the time! Can't play on two screens at all! Don't really feel like playing under these conditions... After the exam (June 7) I'll take it to the PC doctor :) I'm guessing that the SSD is old and going crap...

Working on a few new projects:
- Tornado suicide ganking
- Incursion Logi
- T1 Rig BPO set finalization

Fly on!

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