Sunday, May 11, 2014

More pew pew, less failing!

I had my first solo kill!

If that was all I posted, it would still be my best post yet :P
Anyway, a few things have happened since my last update, so here is one!

Let's go in chronological order:

May 2nd:
Up till April 27th I have been failing hard in FW and didn't have a single solo kill. Then this happened:
AFK on the gate. Poor dude left his ship in space on the gate. At first I zapped past him. Then after 5 mins I came back again through the gate and noticed him still there! I locked, TP, point and LML away!
Got the Sentinel and his pretty expensive pod! It was a free kill but I was totally stocked after it.
I later lost my Condor due to being careless... Warped in to a Jaguar and he killed me easily... no big story here.

May 4th:
Just a typical loss here. But I want to add, that the fight was extremely close! I was plexing, orbiting with MWD the beacon at 18km. I see him on D-scan, I get ready. He warps in, I lock, LML, TP and orbit. At first the fight seemed to go great. He was in armor pretty quick and he didn't really manage to get close and web/scram. But then he suddenly he started to close distance and was applying damage. I popped when he was at around 40% structure! One more fire with the LML would have done it :S 
I have no idea if he had links or used boosters or just simply overheated his MWD, but he was chasing me at +4k m/s while I was running trying to keep distance going around 3.5k m/s.
I should have overheated my LML sooner and also should have overheated my MWD! With those changes I believe I could have gotten him. Anyway, was a prick Goon (Yes, I do hate Goons! N3 FTW!) but he did "gf" in local, so was all cool :)

May 5th:
Here it is! How it happened: I was bored with plexing and nobody coming to fight me... True, it might be kinda hard to get a fight with a Condor while plexing. Guess nobody would really want to engage a kiter with him having the home field advantage i.e.: range! :)
So I decided I will go to Stay Frosty's (SF) new home: Ishomilken. The previous day I have happily offensive plexed a novice complex while like 13 SF was in the system. So wanted to try again and then troll SF for being pussies and not killing easy targets in their home system :D
I got into a novice plex. Local was around 15, with 1-2 squids and the rest SF. 5 minutes passed and I almost accepted my fate of not finding a fight, but then an Atron pops up of short D-scan. I was like "Oh man! This is going to be sweet! Just don't f*** up!". He comes into the plex, I orbit, lock, LML, TP and point. He is in SF!This is going to be interesting!
Range is good, point is good, and LMLs are eating up his shield. No rep mods, so he was steadily going down. But he wasn't going easy! He was wobbling like a hooked fish! He was desperately trying to overheat his AB and get out of point range. But I was controlling him. I overheated my point when he was nearing 24k range and also hit approach instead of orbit. After a bit of time he went down! Was totally shocked and could barely think :) Gfs in local were exchanged and then I wanted to get close and loot his wreck. At that point one of his corp mates came into the plex, so I bailed instantly!
Did he call out on coms that he is getting raped and called in his mate? SF blobbing again I see :D
First true solo kill! (Bare in mind, that I don't fleet with anyone, so all kills are going to be solo!)

These were the highlights of the week! Have an other great exploration story coming up! I decided to take out my Tengu. Because "I am an absolute beast now in PVP!" :D

Fly on!

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