Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do you w-space?

I always want to try out new things! Luckily I trained into a Tengu, so there isn't a lot of PvE content I can not try or at least poke at :) Wormholes were always a mystery to me and I never really attempted to mess around in them. But then I got an inkling!

I while back I read a post from Von Keigai : ISK in Wsapce. Feel free to read the whole post but the tl:dr = 92MM/hour doing small sites in a c4. I left a comment asking Keigai if about the same ISK could be made doing c2 or c3 normal anomalies. His answer was that isk/hour should be about the same, maybe a bit lower...

I had a bit of time this weekend and decided to give the whole thing a try! I trained my second main quickly into a dragoon with salvagers and then headed out to find a wormhole that leads from HS to a c3 or c2.

The Tengu fit is very close to the one I use for exploration. Changed the shield resist to better fit the omni damage that sleepers do, but that's it. So I went to hunt down a hole!

I thought it was going to be much easier! Had to spend a lot of time (waaay too much for my taste) to find a decent hole. Either it was a busy w-space system or the wormhole was just simple a HS-HS or HS-LS connection....

At last I found a C3. One online tower. No ships. Checked on staticmaper that the system had been quite for the past 48h and then moved my salvager to the wormhole in HS (to scout) and got ready to try a c3 site with my Tengu. Read a bit on eve survival what to expect in The Oruze Contruct. "Cool, dps is low and I've got like 1k tank. Neut? Not sure... probably nothing to care about. No scram= Happy days!"

I warped in. They started shooting and neuting... Not really sure what happened but long story short: they neuted me bad and I had to warp out while praying I don't get capped out and loose my Tengu! :) "Ok, so find a c2 instead!"

I again had to look for ages to get a good c2... I ran the site now without problem (the sleepers here were not neuting). Nobody troubled me and everything went fine. Other than the fact that those freakin' sleeper battleships take ages to go down! What the hell are the made of?! (*sleeper loot*) The annoying thing is, that you can't warp in your salvager to start clearing the wrecks, because the battleship switches aggro to it! "Not cool! Warp, warp, warp!"

I cleared two site, got about 35MM loot including salvage (should definitely start taking screenshots for these! Might spice up the blog too). The two sites took about 25-30 minutes Think it could be doable to have ~100MM/hour after a bit more practice.

Conclusion: If you live in a c2, it's doable to make solo (with an alt) 100MM isk/hour ratting. But don't try day tripping. It takes way too much time to find a suitable C2.

W-space PvE was a let down for me... Low ISK and a lot of added risk! Sleepers are a pain and you can easily get blobbed or hunted or something! (W-space is dangerous...)
I'm happy I tried this out though! I can now say that "I have done w-space PvE!"
FW frigate PvP is much more entertaining (and can possible make more money) with less downside potential (loosing my Tengu would hurt bigtime).
I will just stick to regional trading for my money and FW frigate pewpew for my adrenaline dose :)

I encourage everyone to try out new stuff! Don't just stick to one role of play!

Fly on!

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