Sunday, May 18, 2014

Almost there

I have written up two new segments of the My EVE History page! 
Nothing really fancy but had  a bit of time and want to finally catch up to current day :)

The new sections: 

Trading for my riches!
I have been trading alongside the whole PI project. Was making about the same amount as with PI (around 300-400MM per month). Nothing fancy just basic station trading in Dodixie. Grew slowly up to trading basic implants (10MM price). At the end of the project I also had a trader in Amarr and one in Jita. Was trying to make some profit at those stations too, but Jita was horrible for me in terms of station trading. Amarr was better in terms of profit but couldn't actually dedicate time to the Amarr trader to make serious ISK :(
If you were wondering, I did only have one account and the Jita trader was also the secondary PI character :)
Didn't use any spreadsheets nor any third party tools. Looked at the price chart (didn't even know there was a table view to see historic prices and volumes) and if it looked good to me, I would set up a buy order.
I didn't train trading really that much. On Butcher Hentes I had (and still have) 53 orders. That was all I needed, didn't even use all of them most of the time. I didn't train Margin trading (the skill that allows you to reduce the collateral you need to post for a buy order). Don't really "believe" in that skill :)
I would rather want to have a clear picture all the time of the ISK I have, rather than always checking my escrow...
Updated orders in the morning and once in the afternoon. I work so can't really compete with no lifers or Bots. I'll update orders and maybe cut of 10% from the market orders and its done. I made pretty good money with relatively low effort. Much less effort than PI and way less than with missions or mining! :)
Was making good money, could have afforded cooler ships, but didn't have the skills :( It got boring quick :(

Just flying with no reason!:
One of my colleagues at work was tired of GW2 and wanted something new. Think it was around the time that Asakai hit the news. So he went ahead and tried EVE! After installing the game he texted me "How do I make the ship go somewhere? I can only warp and dock!" (He was a gamer all his life and knows perfect English! This is why people quit EVE! Things like this!
Anyway, he played around a bit, but we didn't really fleet up or anything. He was big on exploration in lowsec. No combat sites, only relic and data. Once I went along with him, to help "protect" him as he was constantly being shot down by locals. Nothing happened though. No one came and exploration was quite boring for my taste plus the loot spew mechanic is awful and I had no idea which cans to go for.
I suggested to him, that we should leave living in high sec and go to LS and do some PVP. I knew nothing about PvP and he didn't either so we scratched that plan :)
Then, I wanted to try joining the Hungarian 0.0 alliance: HUN Reloaded. But my colleague had enough of EVE and didn't extend his subscription after the 20+30 days (trial + 30 days).
I was alone again!

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