Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nullsec wannabe

This is not going to be major news to anyone who has looked at the My EVE history page recently, but there is a new piece added!

I wrote about the first part of my "adventure" in sov nullsec. For veterans and general nullsec people the info/story might not hold that much interest, but I remember being a noob and hearing about Asakai (and now B-R) and envisioning nullsec but now knowing any details!

Well the following short piece is just my small bit in nullsec. Basically every blog (or even CCP) wants capsuleers to leave highsec and go to null or lowsec. I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn't lived in nullsec to try it for just a couple of months (you can always move back!).

Think I was pretty lucky with the Hungarian alliance accepting me. Even if you can't join you own nation's null bloc, you can always join Brave Newbies. From what I have read in the media, they would be definetly the bloc I join! :)

Anyway, here is the piece:

Moving down (written:5/17/2014):
So my colleague left my firm and then left EVE shortly after... But I had big plans! I was going to apply to HUN Reloaded (RAX ticker) and move down to nullsec. I filled out and application form and sent it to their recruiter. A few days later I had a "job" interview via TS3. The recruiter was really helpful and explained that I will be joining their training corp and after 3 months I can apply into one of their main corps. I have to attend classes to be eligible for "passing" the training corp.
I accepted the conditions, but I really doubted that I would have time to attend all those mandatory trainings (don't want to spoil the story, but I only attended like 2 classes during my time with RAX).
I was to move down to their pocket in Immensea and the recruited explained that they have JF service from a specific system (I'm not gonna name it!). All you have to do is set up a private contract to a given char and they will move your ships (repacked) and other stuff down to GXK free of charge.
So, I sold all my stuff, repacked a few of my ships and moved down! The recruiter said that I could either death clone down to their system or can try getting down there on my own.
I was young and brave! Fitted up an Atron and set the shortest route from Dodixie to GXK. This was the outcome: Atron and Pod (Dat Atron :O !) Was a "typical" bubble gate camp by -A-. Blapped me easily, but I woke up in a new clone down in GXK!
The rules of living with RAX:
- When online you always have to be logged into TS3 (I usually just logged in, joined TS and set myself AFK)
- When undocking you have to join the RAX Home Def fleet! (I always joined, was no big deal)
- Don't mine are rat when there's a neut in the system (we were pissing of some alliance and they occasionally placed cloaked neuts in our ratting system. Sucks!)
- Report anything you see to the intel channel (that channel was pretty cool! Renters always wrote intel and you could track ships move in and out of our space.)
I got to attend an alliance meeting once and learned a bunch of interesting stuff about RAX. This is the summary:
HUN Reloaded is an Hungarian sov holding alliance living in Immensea. They are blue with N3 and have access to N3 coms and whatnot. They actually receive renter income because RAX is part of the N3 coalition and gets a slice of the renter money. RAX is pretty active and is present in almost all the big coalition fights! (next time you see a battle report where its n3/pl vs CFC, check if RAX is there! They are great guys and were always loyal to N3)
I got some info about jump bridges and POSes.I didn't really know (have still never used one) what a jumpbridge is, and have never seen a POS before (at the time of writing I own one in HS) :P

Was thrilled to be part of this and was looking forward to doing stuff in Nullsec! Hungarian people, cool stories, huge losses, huge kills and the thrill of ("They could be camping our station any time, any day!")

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