Thursday, May 8, 2014

Drink and Fly

Just a quick post!
It's a tough week at work so not much EVE going on.
But today one of my mates came over and we started drinking...

As natural I was logged in to EVE and went into Ishomilken to "just look around" and when my mate came back from the toilet I went outside with him to the balcony. After 5 mins I realized I had been in FW space AFK!

This is the outcome: Condor and then Pod .
Rixx is on the KM! Trying to blob me I see :)
No idea what happened on the pod kill... Think he called in one of his mates so that he can get the KM... Lame, if true!

Out to the pub!

Morale of the story: don't drink and fly! :)

ps: last time my mate was over: Feeling brave and taking the shortcut through LS.

Fly on!

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