Sunday, April 27, 2014

Last weekend's highlights

Plexing together
On Sunday we were cleaning the flat with my GF. I finished my part and started to play EVE. Soon she finished her stuff too and reminded me that I had promised to clean the dishes.
I had totally forgot about them and have already started orbiting a button in a novice plex.
I was happy to do the dishes but asked my GF if she could watch local, glance at the overview and hit d-scan every couple of secs :)
She was cool with it, so she sat down, started playing candy crush while spamming d-scan every 3 secs.
Told her that if she sees anything new appear just shout. (its a small flat so the kitchen sink is like 5 secs from the PC)
Luckily no squids (caldari FW) came to blap me, so we got the LP! 20MM ISK while washing dishes! Beat that ISK per hour :P
Fun stuff for the whole family! :P

"Why do you always get killed?"
I play EVE alone, no corps, no contacts, no social interaction (other than this blog). So I tell all my achievements to my GF, who has never played EVE and is not a gamer at all.

During the weekend I told her each time I had been blapped... After the 7th kill, she starts a conversation asking me "Why do you always get killed?" and "What do you think you are doing wrong?"

She suggested I use the best guns and get a bigger ship :)

I told her that the biggest issues are: my failing on maneuvering the ship and not picking the correct fights. Also explained that I am using the "best" weapons. She thought that it was actually my shooting skills (FPS style) that are crap and I wasn't able to kill anyone because I was aiming horribly. Understandable, as she has seen 1-2 fights and they were all lame to watch, just as all fights in EVE. Compared to LOL where it is pretty easy to understand what is going on, in EVE all you see in a fleet fight is bunch of blue and red stars and nothing happens.

I know very little about PVP, but have been playing for +1 year. I have tried to watch a few tournament matches but had no idea what was happening! I just look at the health bars and thats it.

Is it me or are others having the same issue?

My Condor kite fit is "perfect" ie its all T2 and its a mirror of all the Condor LML kite fits. My Kestrel rocket brawl fit is not T2 yet but training into it as I write.

With my Condor I always get scrammed and blapped, in my Kestrel I get kited and... (you can guess the outcome)

So I've had a new plan: Kestrel MWD only hunting for kiting Condors! Fit a Kestrel with MWD (had to play around in EFT a bit as was having powergrid issues) and headed to into FW!

On the first gate in LS (Old Man Star) saw an Algos hanging around. I knew that it was a destroyer but knew that with gateguns (if he engages first) I can blap him probably.

(If you were wondering: "Yes, I have been killed by gateguns and stationguns before in LS." Was out "hunting" a couple of months back and got raped by gateguns after engaging a neutral pilot next to a gate in my frigate! Terribad!)

So with the gateguns on my side, hopefully, I locked him and tried to "taunt" him (don't know exactly how you do that in EVE, but I hit approach). I see that he locks me too, and then starts to fire!

I web, scram and overheat the rockets. About 5 seconds into the fight I realize that he is in Caldari militia, ie a valid War Traget so no gateguns will back me up... Again you can guess the outcome: T2 Algos vs Scrammed Kestrel with MWD.

Anyway, learned my lesson!
Fly on!

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