Monday, April 21, 2014

FW here I come!

So, the 24 hours past that I needed to get our of my corp and then joined Gall FW. They (should I say "we"?) are at T3, but it dipped a bit into T2 last night.

I'm comming off all smart and **** but I had no idea how it all works :) As natural I was prepared to be at war with caldari and not being able to fly to Jita. That's pretty much all I knew...

Btw! Is it possible to fly to Jita while being in Gall FW? Just with a Crow maybe?

So I got my trusty (never killed anyone with it) condor LML kite fit (with which I always get scrammed and blapped in like 5secs) and headed to the first FW zone from Dodixie: Old Man's Star. Went straight to a Novice plex and started orbiting the button (FW slang ftw!) A few caldari flew into the system at one point, but no one came into my plex. After 10mins, I got the message that I received 421 LP...
I didn't know a lot about FW but suspected that this LP amount is really low. So I read exactly how the LP payout sytems works. Turns out, with offensive plexing (going to a contested caldari system and orbiting the thing there for 10mins) you get the highest payout. Orbiting the button in your owned (gallente in this case) gives a lot less.
Exact info on payouts is here:Uni Wiki FW at the middleish...
The system in which I captured the plex was 0.42% contested, causing the really small LP payout... Terrybad on my part!

Later on the evening, I had a mirror match vs a condor. Blapped me with easy... Had and still have no idea why I lost that badly.
Then I got careless and tried my luck in a medium plex. 4 mins in some gang jumped and raped me. That was all my bad, should have never went into a medium plex and should have watched D-scan.

Got other FW fights ( me being torn apart) coming up! Along with a post on my XPath "adventures"!

Fly on!

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