Saturday, April 19, 2014

Checking In

I again haven't had much time to update much. But am proud to say, that the "OMG PI" part of my past projects have been written:

From the title you could guess that I got into PI. If I remember correctly, it was actually because of Gevlon's posts about his PI and some other PI blog entries which I can't recall right now. So, as usual, I read a crazy amount and played around a bit. So quickly I got my main into skilling up for PI. Initially I started a few random planets and just did basic P0->P1 stuff. However as I read more and more I knew that a factory planet was the way to go!
I consider myself "quite good" with excel and I always enjoyed programming/excel oriented challenges so I decided to make a sheet which optimizes a factory planet for me. To make things easier I knew I wanted to do P1->P4 production.I didn't do any fancy API downloads or use EVEtoolkit data dumps, just manually input each P4 product's underlying P1 component requirement. The biggest issue was updating the P1 prices manually. Luckily the most profitable P4 didn't change at all :) (I was making Wetware Mainframes and Self-Harmonizing powercores).
To be honest, I don't really remember nor does it seem really interesting (still happy to elaborate on anything, just ask away!) but in short about my setup:
- Each P4 requires three P3s
- Each P3 requires two P2s
- Each P2 require two P1s
As a results, I had 1 adv-factory building P4, 3 adv factories building P3s, and 3*2=6 basic factories building P2s. Biggest bottleneck in the setup was sending the correct P1 from storage facilities to other storage facilities or launchpads. I don't wish to dwell into this, but I might be able to dig up my old s/s if there is interest.
Finally about the numbers! By the end (when I had optimized everything) I had 3 planets running. Two on my main and one on an alt. Two planets in Meves and one in Athinard (both one jump from Dodixie).
I tried to track my profits as best as possible and I would say that it was around 100-125MM per planet per month. Skill wise it didn't require much of training as command center upgrades Lvl4 is more than enough. On my alt I only had Lvl3, it was a bit more fiddly to set up the production, but was viable.
Even though, after filling the storages full the planet ran for ~48 hours, ut required way too much fiddling! I got burnt out quickly from all the hauling, the waiting and messing up the correct routes :)
I made nice ISK (for a solo noobie like me) but was tired of all the pressure of refilling the planets with goo :)

Can also check the whole thing here: My EVE history
On my current things:

I have started the process of moving Butcher Hentes to join Gallente FW. I failed a bit because I thought joining would take like 5 mins, but it turns out that you need 24 hours before you can leave corp if your a director... So I'm still waiting for that to happen :)
I will write about this in more detail, but I trained and read and did everything to do lowsec exploration in my little Tengu. But to be frank I find it ****. Just recently I went around in Molden Heath for a bit more than an hour and earned like 1M ISK. Didn't find a single combat site worth running. Found like 5-6 Data sites, checked their loot, all crap... No idea how Pilgrim in Exile deals with this. Anyway...

I find that I play too much of EVE industry tycoon too much so I want to force myself into PvP. I will expand on this too :)

Fly on!

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