Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Why do you EVE?

In my last post I said I was going to update both my EVE history and my current projects... Unfortunately I didn't have time to write those up yet.

However I wanted to share my view on why EVE might be such a unique game!

Before EVE I played WOW, LOL, SC, SC2 and Mtgo. I was totally hooked on all these games at the time. I tried EVE two times before finally subscribing. On my first two attempts I just didn't understand what the goal of the game was! In each game I played there was clear goal. Wow = Raiding (for me), Lol = ranked matches, SC = ICUP ladder, and so on...

In EVE I did the tutorial and then didn't know what to do... So I searched the net and read many guides. Still I didn't find a goal with which you can: "Win the game!" So I didn't subscribe...

My third attempt was no different to my previous two other than maybe I was a bit older :P
The only difference was that I had a goal in my mind: I wanted to make enough ISK to play EVE for free!
I didn't want to spend more money on videogames (because I'm cheap that way) and wanted to have fun for free.
Since than I have always had new ideas and goals that I want to achieve. Without goals the game is no fun! In EVE the devs don't lay the goal for you. You have to find them yourself! This is why I think EVE is such a hard, but very great game!

What go you into subscribing for the first time? What was your first goal in EVE? What keeps you motivated now!?

Fly on!

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