Friday, April 25, 2014

Still not that lucky

It was a long weekend here where I live. We got to work from home on Friday and it was a national holiday
on Monday.

Most of the days went with packing and moving and various house chores, so not much time for EVE or blogging.

I played for a couple of hours quite sporadically. Mainly concentrating on FW...
Have still not killed a single ship. Which sucks... If you search up my KB (please don't!) you'll see that I have lost like ~8ships since I joined the militia.

Not much to write on about regarding my deaths. Most of the time it's me being stupid, not flying properly or being blobbed.

I did run a few plexes, so my LP is ~80K at the moment. Been looking at Fuzzwork to see how to cash out most profitably.

There are low LP cost items with high isk/LP ratios that also have low trading volume. Meaning that it would take ages before cashing out.
I'm probably going to buy navy cruiser BPCs and build the ships myself on Butcher Hentes who has PE5 :)
This seems to be the fastest and most profitable way of cashing out. ~1400ISK/LP is what the site says. Sounds good to me!

Really the easiest way to make the most isk as a noobie who doesn't want to join a big corp due to play time restrictions is joining FW and plexing. You get to have fun, meet people(even if you don't join corp with them)
Your other choice as a 1 week noobie would be to go mining in a venture and train into bigger mining ships. The training invested into mining is absolutely useless and the money you make is extremely low. Not to mention that you learn nothing about the game and you are just sitting still.

An other choice would be for you to run LVL1-2 missions. At least training is going to be useful for other EVE things but the money you make is really low. You learn how to PvE which is useful but its really not that complicated...
For people who don't have a lot of time to play and want to get instant action and make money (10min timer on a novice plex is really not that long) FW is really good!. If you want to explore or do missions you need at least 1 hour of constant playtime to be profitable and enjoy the game.Sometimes you just don't have that whole hour! Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to encourage plex farming I'm just saying that FW is a great source of revenue. Even if you start off only wanted to stab farm a plex (not even going to mention what that horrible thing is!) you will soon want to defend the plex instead of running away at first sight of danger :)

Fly on!

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