Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Getting Started

The is going to be my first ever blog post, so please bear with me.

The goal of this blog is to write about my adventures in EVE, the problems I deal with and just general tips to newbies along with my questions to my readers who play EVE.

I read quite a few EVE blogs (I will try to put them all on the blog roll) and I feel it has become quite common to categorize your EVE blog into a specific gendre ie: Industrial, Trader, Wormhole, Lowsec, Null PvP (is there any blog out there that actually is about a null sov-bloc pilot? Pls let me know!)

I do not wish to label my blog in any way other than that its going to be mainly about EVE. I have done quite a few things in EVE ranging from industry to trading to missioning and etc... My goals in this game always change and one month I might be a MoxNix trader wannabe but the next day I'm down in Nullsec ratting all day and praying I don't get hotdropped by AAA.

I want to always have my two most important pages updated:
(I have not written these up yet)

Next posts this week are going to be on why EVE is such a hard and very rewarding game.

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