Friday, June 20, 2014

Nullsec Wannabe #2

Second and final part of my adventures in Nullsec. This should also be last update on my EVE history. Finally I might be catching up to the present :)

Null Red Crosses (written: 6/19/2014)

I'm down in 0.0 and trying to figure out what to do. I brought some BPOs but there is no market to buy minerals and no market to sell the products. I have very minimal PvP experience and don't really have the time (nor the skillpoints) to join an alliance roam. I don't really want to mine although it's an option. No trading can be done either. So the only thing I can do is go ratting in anoms like pretty much everyone else!

I've got a sentry domi that can clear sites but it takes way too long and doesn't make good ISK. I need better skills, more characters or more expensive ships. 

As an alternative I decide to ask around if I can salvage after other players but many newbies do this so there is competition during prime time. If you get a steady stream of sites to salvage in a Noctis you can make pretty decent ISK. Around 60-70MM per hour if I remember correctly. 

There where a classes I should have attended, but only listened to about two full lectures. At first I tried to make some social contact but I didn't really feel like chatting to people, so I just usually put myself AFK on Teamspeak. 

The only action I saw was when N3 where undocking +40 carriers and cynoing away from our home station (which they were staging from). I have never before seen a carrier so it was pretty cool to see a huge amount of them undock! Our station was also streamed on Mad-Ani at some point. I got to see myself on TV :)

Other than the above, it was boring in 0.0! It's not the corp's or CCP's fault, it's my own. I'm just not that social when it comes to the internet :) In my WoW raiding guild, we weren't forced to speak on coms so I never did even though I had a headset.

I wanted to make money and was thinking of doing regional trading! I wanted to have money and plex my account, given that this was my original goal when starting to play. Set up a few contracts to get my stuff hauled back to HS and when the contract was complete I quit corp without saying goodbye or anything. (Not cool from my side!)

I was great experience being down in nullsec, but I just didn't have the skills and game knowledge to enjoy myself there! If you are social than you can have much more fun in nullsec than in highsec, but without human interaction nullsec just didn't offer to much to me. I have now got 20.5MM SP and a lot more money and PvP experience (okay, maybe " a lot more PvP experience" is an exaggeration).

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