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EVE terms explained! Info post here!

AAR - Ancillary Armor Repairer. Uses Nanite paste as charges and reps a lot more than normal armor repairers. When it runs out of charges it can still rep, but only about 70% of that a normal repairer.

belt - asteroid belts where NPCs (rats) spawn and can be killed for bounty and loot. You can also mine the asteroids

bling - expensive modules that are usually cost a lot of ISK but only improve your ship's performance marginally.

BS - Battleship

BPO - Blueprint Original. A blueprint from which something can be produced. Can be researched for ME (material efficiency) and TE (time efficiency) to reduce the needed materials and time to produce the good.

Cyno went up - A Cynosural field can be opened by any ship with the module fitted. To this "field" jump capable ships (capital ships and black ops) can jump and other sub-caps can be bridged to using a Titan with a jump bridge generator.

Dropping probes - A player who was flying a ships which has an Expanded Probe Launcher fitted and launches the combat scanner probes so that he can pinpoint and warp straight to the ship he is trying to catch.
Heavy interdictors - The only type of tackle (making a ship unable to warp) ship that can tackle a supercarrier(SC) and Titan. The HIC has a special module which can be fitted with a script which can then tackle even an SC. SCs are otherwise immune to ECM.

Grid at zero - It the part of the solarsystem which you can directly see from your ships. Basically, if you are on the same grid you can see each other's ship on the overview. For example when you undock, you can see a bunch of other ships on the overview. Once you warp to the sun, you will only see ships which have also at the sun (thus, have previously warped there). At zero means that when warping the two HICs he selected to warp them at 0km. (right in the middle of the grid)

Javelin - T2 missiles that have longer range, do less dps and are designed to be used against small tragets.

LS - Low security space

Pinged for reinforcements - I haven't seen this myself, but big 0.0 coalitions usually use Mumble or Jabber where all online players are logged in and in case something big happens. They send out a message (ping) to everyone to log in ASAP and come and kill something :)

Ratting - Killing NPCs (red crossed on your overview) for bounty and loot.

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