Saturday, December 13, 2014

CTA everywhere!

I've been attending a lot of Darkeshi CTAs. HUBAZ (our Hungarian corp) has just recently joined Kadeshi so the guys are still in the process of moving their assets. However, we want to make a good impression and show up in good numbers.

We are a quite small corp with 91 members. Given that EVE is a game of alts, the true player count, I would say is around 15-20. There where CTAs where we had 11 chars in fleet. 9 players + 2 dual boxing dreads. We were the corp with the most members on the CTA! Attendance is really important, supposedly, corps are going to get rewards from alliance leadership based on their numbers on the current CTAs. Let's make HUBAZ rich!

I'm feeling that I enjoy this "content on demand" thing! During evenings there are always CTAs or at least a roam to go to. I'm logged in to Jabber and when pings come I log and pew-pew :)

I still haven't started up trading again... but still have around 10Bn in reserves which will last me some time. I've ships for all the CTA doctrines. We've SRP but it's only the hull + subsystems, however I've got a 800MM Proteus (and that's not even the doctrine's shiny fit) so I'm a bit afraid of loosing it!

Mostly the fleets are either POS bashes or escort fleets, but sometimes we get really nice (which I enjoy the most). Freaking Russian always bring fights! :)

Just a short post for a Saturday lonely evening!
The above seems like more of a "ramblings"thing, but I would like to have posts concentrating more on one topic :)

Fly on!

Monday, November 24, 2014

This is a come back!

Hope you all thought that I quit and left without a goodbye! That is not the case!

I last posted right before my GF went away for a 2 week business trip to NY which was at the end of June and 5 months have passed since then!

In my personal life nothing big has changed. I finally got the PC fixed and now I can dual box like a boss! (tl dr: I haven't killed anyone yet while duel boxing! Challenge accepted though!)  Also few new guys joined the firm and get me hooked in 9GAG, which is the biggest time since ever! :)

Big stuff has happened in EVE though and here is a quick list:
- Rejoined the 0.0 Hungarian alliance --> GrrrGroons!
- Started attending CTAs
- Got bridged by a Titan
- Phoebe hit, we had to move from our little pocket in Immeansea!
- My alt char successfully ratted in a carrier (Archon)
- Decided never to do PvE activites in EVE again, because they are not worth my time.
- Trade empire is strong: 6.5Bn record profit in October (taking a break from trading in November though)
- In the process of selling off my BPO collection (all rigs + 4 capital component BPOs). Won't ever do manufacturing again.
- Set up 8x2 cruiser BPO researches at a -30% time station in 0.0 (praying for no invasions)
- Thanks to the new invention changes I'm having a go at T2 cruiser mass inventing. (12 day cycles are bearable)
- Lost my pod previously used for exploration (Wasn't mad though)

I'm sure the above list is not complete and a lot of cool stuff has happened to me during the last 5 months. I had a though about it and I don't want to go back are write about my past stories. I want to keep the blog up to date and post about new stuff. Wanted to write about the past just usually makes me crazy :)

Hopefully I'll write soon again! Fly on!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


This is the Wednesday evening post which is posted on Thursday before I go to work!

My PC was being "healed" during the week so didn't get much EVE time.
Even worse: the PC is still crap and crashes when I play on two monitors (run two clients)
I'm going to take it to an other repair store but I don't have time this week...
To say the least, I was pretty pissed!

Just an update! Heading in to work soon :)

I've got an ISK/hour project in my head: I want to test most of the ISK generating activities and write a guide/log about them!

Fly on!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Incursion Fleets

Friday evening, home alone, basic Logi skills completed, Kebab consumed: Incursion time has come!

I needed to buy a Basilisks but didn't want to waste time getting it rigged for the T2 shield rigs, so brought one of a contract in Jita. Fitted it up as the standard WTM fit.

This is the screenshot in EFT using my skills:

I've got the show module skill open to indicate how much each remote rep heals

And the EFT format:
[Basilisk, WTM Basilisk Standard]
Damage Control II
True Sansha Power Diagnostic System

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
Federation Navy 10MN Afterburner
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier

Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter

Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5
Nanite Repair Paste x200

While assembling the ship I checked WTM and TVP to see where the queue is smaller for Logi. WTM seems to be looking for logi, while TVP had 5-6 on their waist list (WL). So I started burning to WTM's dockup system. 20 extremely long jumps later (Logis are slow for my taste!) I arrive, dock and X up in the channel.

At first I add "noob incursions" to my text. But after ~45 minutes of waiting I just simply type "X Basi Lvl4 4-2" in chat. With the whole text being a link to my fit.

Suddenly I get a fleet invite! I accept and start figuring out whats going on. I know I have to join TS, so I quickly try to get it sorted :) The fleet MOTD says Basilisks have to join a separate chat room. I join and then quickly leave as I think I should be here only if I'm with the fleet!

About 5 mins pass and I'm asked to "Come on grid". My best guess is, that I should try warping to the Logistics Anchor (LC) and be on the same grid as the fleet. I also join Basi Logi Chat. "Oh yeah! The cap chain! FFS!"

In my previous post I forgot to mention that logi usually needs to set up a cap chain. You need 2 cap transfers with logi 4 and only 1 cap transfer with logi 5 to be cap stable. In Basi Logi Chat you have to type your logi level and then the LC will update the MOTD, which will tell you who your cap buddies are... I got a bit confused with the cap chain sometimes... It sounds simple, but because with Logi 4 and Logi 5 pilots mixed, there are "free caps for fleet". This meant, that I only had to transfer cap to one logi constantly and had a spare cap transfer for pilots requesting cap!

My overview was a mess! Watchlist, Fleet history, locked pilots, cap chain pilots, fleet chat : all new stuff! This was my display after the first site:

I was never screamed at or anything. Things were going all fine. I had a few pretty small mess ups with the cap chain and once a flew away from the fleet because I forgot to orbit the LC :) I was also kicked from TS once because my CTR+SHIFT used to be my talk button, however I used CTR+SHIFT+CLICK to unlock targets. No biggie though! Was kicked, set myself on mute, then joined again.

Follow the FC's instructions and read what your LCs says. That's about it!

I had no idea what types of ships these sites contained. All I knew, is that when people request for shields or cap, then you lock them and activate your modules :)

Ran 6 sites but I have no idea what their names were. Could probably Google them, but I will just call them: Site A (with the 3 gates and the tower bash at the end) and Site B (when there are no gates and you complete the site with rats still on the grid).

Site A was pretty easy I think. Nobody got into armor and didn't really need to use all my 4 reps. Took longer though than site B. Site B is the harder site! Aggro switches could be a pain if they were sudden and a logi or a "not so pimped ship" was targeted. Still these "sketchy" situations were nothing compared to WoW raiding when you dropped to about like 15% HP. The biggest damage was done to a Legion who ended up at 75% Armor when reps landed and he was healed back to top!

People were very pleased with the Logi! Supposedly we were doing a great job. Well, I guess, we didn't let any ships die, so we were "great" :) Still, the funniest was when in a site B there was an aggro switch and a Vindi was getting raped big time. He was dropping but reps were good and ~30% shield was the max to which he dipped. After repping him through all the aggro he called out on coms and thanked the logi for saving him and that he is greatly thankful and that we are awesome!!! People were teasing him and I started laughing also! LOL!

This was the payout:

6 * 31.5MM =  189MM in exactly two hours! Not bad, but that was actually around 3 hours of game time, because one hour was just waiting to get into a fleet :) So about ~65MM true ISK/hour. As you can see site B is much faster to clear than site A. Doing Site B's you can easily push ~120MM ISK/hour. Thats pretty much risk free, because you got SRP in case you loose your logi :)

This was all written right after I ran the Incursions. Going to probably write up a follow up posts when the experiences settle down a bit :)

In conclusion:
Trading is still the best way to make money! 100MM ISK/Hour is nothing! But Incursions are fun because you meet a bunch of new people and you are not just docked in a station hoarding your ISK!
Going to think on other aspects too!

Fly on!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Nullsec Wannabe #2

Second and final part of my adventures in Nullsec. This should also be last update on my EVE history. Finally I might be catching up to the present :)

Null Red Crosses (written: 6/19/2014)

I'm down in 0.0 and trying to figure out what to do. I brought some BPOs but there is no market to buy minerals and no market to sell the products. I have very minimal PvP experience and don't really have the time (nor the skillpoints) to join an alliance roam. I don't really want to mine although it's an option. No trading can be done either. So the only thing I can do is go ratting in anoms like pretty much everyone else!

I've got a sentry domi that can clear sites but it takes way too long and doesn't make good ISK. I need better skills, more characters or more expensive ships. 

As an alternative I decide to ask around if I can salvage after other players but many newbies do this so there is competition during prime time. If you get a steady stream of sites to salvage in a Noctis you can make pretty decent ISK. Around 60-70MM per hour if I remember correctly. 

There where a classes I should have attended, but only listened to about two full lectures. At first I tried to make some social contact but I didn't really feel like chatting to people, so I just usually put myself AFK on Teamspeak. 

The only action I saw was when N3 where undocking +40 carriers and cynoing away from our home station (which they were staging from). I have never before seen a carrier so it was pretty cool to see a huge amount of them undock! Our station was also streamed on Mad-Ani at some point. I got to see myself on TV :)

Other than the above, it was boring in 0.0! It's not the corp's or CCP's fault, it's my own. I'm just not that social when it comes to the internet :) In my WoW raiding guild, we weren't forced to speak on coms so I never did even though I had a headset.

I wanted to make money and was thinking of doing regional trading! I wanted to have money and plex my account, given that this was my original goal when starting to play. Set up a few contracts to get my stuff hauled back to HS and when the contract was complete I quit corp without saying goodbye or anything. (Not cool from my side!)

I was great experience being down in nullsec, but I just didn't have the skills and game knowledge to enjoy myself there! If you are social than you can have much more fun in nullsec than in highsec, but without human interaction nullsec just didn't offer to much to me. I have now got 20.5MM SP and a lot more money and PvP experience (okay, maybe " a lot more PvP experience" is an exaggeration).