Saturday, December 13, 2014

CTA everywhere!

I've been attending a lot of Darkeshi CTAs. HUBAZ (our Hungarian corp) has just recently joined Kadeshi so the guys are still in the process of moving their assets. However, we want to make a good impression and show up in good numbers.

We are a quite small corp with 91 members. Given that EVE is a game of alts, the true player count, I would say is around 15-20. There where CTAs where we had 11 chars in fleet. 9 players + 2 dual boxing dreads. We were the corp with the most members on the CTA! Attendance is really important, supposedly, corps are going to get rewards from alliance leadership based on their numbers on the current CTAs. Let's make HUBAZ rich!

I'm feeling that I enjoy this "content on demand" thing! During evenings there are always CTAs or at least a roam to go to. I'm logged in to Jabber and when pings come I log and pew-pew :)

I still haven't started up trading again... but still have around 10Bn in reserves which will last me some time. I've ships for all the CTA doctrines. We've SRP but it's only the hull + subsystems, however I've got a 800MM Proteus (and that's not even the doctrine's shiny fit) so I'm a bit afraid of loosing it!

Mostly the fleets are either POS bashes or escort fleets, but sometimes we get really nice (which I enjoy the most). Freaking Russian always bring fights! :)

Just a short post for a Saturday lonely evening!
The above seems like more of a "ramblings"thing, but I would like to have posts concentrating more on one topic :)

Fly on!

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