Monday, November 24, 2014

This is a come back!

Hope you all thought that I quit and left without a goodbye! That is not the case!

I last posted right before my GF went away for a 2 week business trip to NY which was at the end of June and 5 months have passed since then!

In my personal life nothing big has changed. I finally got the PC fixed and now I can dual box like a boss! (tl dr: I haven't killed anyone yet while duel boxing! Challenge accepted though!)  Also few new guys joined the firm and get me hooked in 9GAG, which is the biggest time since ever! :)

Big stuff has happened in EVE though and here is a quick list:
- Rejoined the 0.0 Hungarian alliance --> GrrrGroons!
- Started attending CTAs
- Got bridged by a Titan
- Phoebe hit, we had to move from our little pocket in Immeansea!
- My alt char successfully ratted in a carrier (Archon)
- Decided never to do PvE activites in EVE again, because they are not worth my time.
- Trade empire is strong: 6.5Bn record profit in October (taking a break from trading in November though)
- In the process of selling off my BPO collection (all rigs + 4 capital component BPOs). Won't ever do manufacturing again.
- Set up 8x2 cruiser BPO researches at a -30% time station in 0.0 (praying for no invasions)
- Thanks to the new invention changes I'm having a go at T2 cruiser mass inventing. (12 day cycles are bearable)
- Lost my pod previously used for exploration (Wasn't mad though)

I'm sure the above list is not complete and a lot of cool stuff has happened to me during the last 5 months. I had a though about it and I don't want to go back are write about my past stories. I want to keep the blog up to date and post about new stuff. Wanted to write about the past just usually makes me crazy :)

Hopefully I'll write soon again! Fly on!

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