Friday, June 13, 2014

EVE Explained

I remember back when I first started reading about EVE and didn't understand a single word. EVE news 24 and The Mittani have great stories and news and funny stuff IF you understand all the fancy EVE abbreviations and acronyms.

Straight from The Mittani (from June 10, 2014):

Leaping into action, Asakura dropped probes and scanned down the Ragnarok as Mr Bio pinged for reinforcements. Asakura then warped the two heavy interdictors onto the grid at zero, decloaking the titan. Points landed as the cyno went up, bridging in two more HICs to ensure a consistent point on their prey.

Didn't have to look long to find these beautiful two sentences that make absolutely no sense if you are new to the game. A solo player will never (unless by reading a hoard of info and news) learn what these (mostly nullsec) slang means.

Noobie friendly explanation to for the above paragraph:

Asakura dropped probes: 
Asakura is a player (thats clear for the articel) who was flying a ships which had an Expanded Probe Launcher fitted and launched the combat scanner probes so that he can pinpoint and warp straight to the ship he was trying to catch.

Mr Bio pinged for reinforcements:
Mr Bio is the other pilot. I haven't seen this myself, but big 0.0 coalitions usually use Mumble or Jabber where all online players are logged in and in case something big happens. They send out a message (ping) to everyone to log in ASAP and come and kill something :)

Heavy interdictors:
The only type of tackle (making a ship unable to warp) ship that can tackle a supercarrier(SC) and Titan. The HIC has a special module which can be fitted with a script which can then tackle even an SC. SCs are otherwise immune to ECM.

Grid at zero:
It the part of the solarsystem which you can directly see from your ships. Basically, if you are on the same grid you can see each other's ship on the overview. For example when you undock, you can see a bunch of other ships on the overview. Once you warp to the sun, you will only see ships which have also at the sun (thus, have previously warped there). At zero means that when warping the two HICs he selected to warp them at 0km. (right in the middle of the grid)

 Decloaking the titan:
All ships can fit a cloaking device which when activated will make your ships disappear from the overview and from D-scan. If something comes closer than 2500M to the cloaked ship it will get decloaked.

 Cyno went up:
A Cynosural field can be opened by any ship with the module fitted. To this "field" jump capable ships (capital ships and black ops) can jump and other sub-caps can be bridged to using a Titan with a jump bridge generator.

I honestly believe that EVE is too complicated and for noobies reading news can be extremely confusing.

I have been feeling that when I write my posts there are a lot of abbreviations and acronyms which might not be clear for all my readers. As a solution I plan to start an "EVE Explained" terms which will be a list of the new phrases I use. I'm not going to write up a full list from scratch. I will just add new terms as I use them :)

Hope this will be useful for the newbies! I don't think that I'm an expert or anything so please anyone feel free to correct my terminology and explanation :)

Fly on!

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