Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Back on Track

Nothing much to write on, but just wanted to post a quick update:

The exam is done! No more intense studying, so should probably play a bit more EVE. Still have to wait 8 weeks for the results... Lame... Keep your fingers crossed though!

Was messing around a bit in Kronos! Decided to go ratting in LS... Not much luck on getting new ships BPCs... or I should say: No luck at all! Not even clone soldiers... :S
I was ratting in an Algos, when I found a clone soldier with 1.5MM bounty but it blapped me...
What is the best ship for ratting?
Gila maybe?

Houskeeping items:
I plan to post every second day: Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
This is my Monday post, even though its kinda late and not that interesting :P
Got a few new ideas and a lot of projects to write about! So stay tuned!

Fly on!

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