Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crius is Coming

A few dev blogs have come out relating to the Crius mini expansion which is going live on July 22nd.

I think this: Upcoming API changes is one of the most important ones!

I am really happy that the devs and the CSM (pretty sure Steve had the most input here) chose option 2.

In short: they are going to rework the whole industry API so that it is updated for Crius. Hopefully this will mean that precise manufactoring calculation can be done in spreadsheets and standalone tools.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of people play EVE for the "Industy Tycoon" experience. Without being able to set up your own calculations and be able to optimize your production CCP is taking away a large part of the game's core.

I myself have been producing T1 and T2 rigs for about 3-4 months. As soon as I read the manufacturing changes I instantly shut down all new production. Instead I started researching all the rig BPOs to ME 10 and TE 10 (optimal).

Also wanted to look at capital production but the ISK per hour on those things is really low to me for all the effort. It takes a lot of logistics and a lot of ISK to get it started...

Just in case, I researched 4 capital component BPOs to post-crius optimal (the ones needed for freighter production). I can possibly sell those at a profit after the patch or can start making freighters myself :)

Really interested in what Crius has to offer. Want to fire up rig production again but need to see first how the market and the third party tools turn out.

Just a few ideas on manufacturing and Crius :)

Fly on!
New terms updated on the EVE explained page:

BPO - Blueprint Original. A blueprint from which something can be produced. Can be researched for ME (material efficiency) and TE (time efficiency) to reduce the needed materials and time to produce the good.

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