Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Incursion Prepartion

During my week off and studying at home I got to watch a few EVE streams. There was a dude streaming his incursion. The Dichtonian Fleet if I remember... was boring as crap but I got an inkling to get myself to try running in an incursion fleet at least once!

Naturally the next step was research!
I don't have T2 large weapons trained so I choose to check out Logi fittings... Healing in WoW was never too much fun... but its something totally new  in EVE for me! I found "Warp to Me" and joined their channel "Warp to Me incursions" read the whole FAQ and guide and whatnot.

They run shield incursions fleets and I have caldari cruiser lvl5 so checked out the Basilisk fittings. They have 3 on their site: WTM
It's recommended that you carry all the fitting so you can easily refit into what the FC wants. I checked the skill requirements to be able to fly all 3 (they are nearly identical, just one has a few more cap or tracking boosters):

[Basilisk, WTM Basilisk Standard]
Damage Control II
Reactor Control Unit II

Republic Fleet Large Shield Extender
10MN Afterburner II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Pithum C-Type EM Ward Amplifier

Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large Remote Shield Booster II
Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter
Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Transmitter

Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Light Armor Maintenance Bot I x5
Nanite Repair Paste x200

With Logi 4 it will take around 19 days in total. Not that bad... and those skills are all useful! Not training logi 5 though. Don't really see myself flying fleets too much in the future.

Currently there are still 9 days left till I have all the skills. It's going to be interesting flying in a fleet! I read the rules and it doesn't seem to be that complicated... just lock the people broadcasting reps and rep them :) Overheat when things get sketchy... Orbit your anchor... When you get yellowboxed broadcast for reps and spam your invul (if you are neuted). Think that's about it!

A couple of days passed, and was reading WTM chat, and saw people X-ing up in Meta4 blaster Vindicators. I quickly checked EFT if I could fly one of those fits... turns out I just need Minie BS Lvl 1 :) My gunnery support skills are all Lvl4, so my dps would be quite decent!

Money isn't really in issue, so what I will do is after getting the Basilisk skills I will also skill into the Vindicator and patch up the few skills (~5 days) to be able to fly it decently. Then, when I X up in WTM I can come as DPS and Logi (with 3 available fits) :) Happy days! (I hope!)

I will have to test out these broadcasts and targets and general fleet UI stuff because I have never really flown in an organized fleet :)

I will have time and skills to run incursion starting from the end of June. I will post updates if I decide to change my mind! Hopefully I can make some decent ISK too! All my non trading activities seem to be ISK sinks!

Any tips on Incursions?
I'm a bit worried as around 80% of logis have Logi LvL5...


  1. Some will not take logi that don't have logi V. The difference between IV and V is huge and when the fleet loses a logi or someone almost dies because they don't broadcast it can and does make a difference.

    You also need to pay attention. One reason I can't casually do incursions is that I do them as logi and you have to watch for the changes in DPS and make sure your fellow logi are okay.

    I've never done DPS. That will depend on the group. Most wants everything maxed and blinged out because the faster the sites are done the more sites can be done and the more money made.

    In the end preparation matters but incursions are not scary. The groups have them down to a science. Then you will get to decide if you care for it or not.

  2. First:
    OMG Sugar Kyle commenting on my blog! I'm a huge fan and try to read all your posts. Voted you on second place for CSM (first was Steve as I'm mostly concerned about third party tools and industry changes coming in July)

    Hm... I'll see how it goes! Will try to join with Logi IV and post about my experience. Thanks for the info though. My try to ask around in WTM chat, just to get my expectation in line :)

    1. Thankfully, Steve is a cool guy :P

      Also, I agree with the commenter below that TVP will get you into some fleets at Logi IV. Just bite the bullet and take the train to V if you are serious about it.

      Also, I've read all your posts to. So, write more. :)

  3. I run with TVP. If you want to incursion, just make sure you have the minimum skills and fit for each community and if you ever leave solo play logistics to five is absolutely worth it. Got here from pilgrim's blog btw. Take care.